Starting the new school year with braces? We put together some helpful tips for you to make the transition an easy one. Check them out below!

girl with braces1. Hydrate

When wearing braces, water can help flush out stubborn food particles that get caught between your teeth and braces. It also helps take the acidity out of foods, which is good news for your oral hygiene and bad news for cavities! Tip: bring a refillable water bottle. Tap water is best to reap the benefits of fluoride! Having a water bottle ready to go in your backpack reminds you to hydrate throughout the day.

2. Be Prepared with Braces-Friendly Lunches & Snacks

Check your cafeteria menu to ensure braces-friendly food options are available or consider packing your own lunch. Remember to avoid foods that are chewy, crunchy, sticky and hard!

3. Pack the Essentials

Have a braces kit ready to go in your backpack in case you need to make adjustments to get more comfortable while at school. We suggest a toothbrush, extra elastics, dental wax, lip balm, orthopick flossers or a proxabrush and mouthwash, just in case!

4. Avoid stress chewing

We know with stress, tests and homework, it can be oh so tempting to bite those pen caps, pencil erasers and fingernails. Avoid at all costs! These practices can wreak havoc on your new braces and send you back to Dr. T with broken brackets!

mouthguard5. Mouthguards are a MUST for athletes

If your back to school plans include contact sports, contact our office for a protective mouth guard that will work with your braces. It could save you from painful mouth injuries and damaged braces/appliances.

6. Don’t leave your retainer case at home

Out of braces and in your retainer? Bring your case and never place your retainer in a napkin! This is a recipe for losing your retainer, as many times, retainers placed in napkins end up in the garbage. Now that stinks! Be prepared and have your retainer case with you to avoid this rookie mistake.

Best of luck to all of our students in the new school year!