Awwww, yeah!
Your dream job has an opening.

There are jobs you just work at and then there are jobs you thrive at! This is the latter. We are Thurman Orthodontics and we’re in the business of making people feel good about themselves, giving them the confidence they need to go out there and live life to the fullest. How do we do that? We help give them a smile they’re proud to show off. What’s it like to work here? Awesome. So, if working with nice people, listening to fun music all day long, and participating in an impromptu dance party every once in a while sounds like fun to you – then we need to talk.

Thurman Orthodontics - Careers


Thurman Orthodontics - Women smiling

We’re all about soaking up the California sun and sharing smiles. Our practice was founded on four key pillars: service, experience, affordability, and community. These pillars support our mission of making our patients’ lives better by giving them a smile that makes them feel like they can go out there and not only go after their dreams but achieve them. Basically, you get to make people feel good about themselves. How great is that?

Nice. Fun. Caring. Kind. Silly. Genuine.
If these words describe you – keep reading.

At Thurman Orthodontics, we’re looking for someone with a serious can-do attitude to join our Smile Squad. Someone who’s enthusiastic, positive, and kind. If you already have dental experience under your belt – amazing – but depending on the position you’re applying for it may not even be mandatory. So, don’t let not having experience stop you from applying. If reading this made you smile from the inside out, apply now!