our mother's day braces winner

This May, in honor of Mother’s Day, we launched a Free Braces Giveaway for all of our moms out there.  We know moms are always putting their kids and family first so we thought it would be a nice treat to give moms the opportunity to put themselves first for once!

The giveaway contest ended May 31st and we announced the winner June 12th when the winning mom came in for her son’s orthodontic appointment. Our winner, Dani, was so excited (and shocked!)

“I just want to thank Dr. Thurman and his staff for this wonderful surprise of the gift of braces. I was totally surprised, and feel truly blessed to have won this gift. I have never won anything in my life, and I have wanted and needed braces since I was in high school. As a mother, we always put our children first, which includes braces for them. Never in my dreams did I imagine that I could have a beautiful smile like my children, especially at my age,” says Dani Woolford, winner of the Mother’s Day Giveaway.

Congratulations, Dani! We can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again soon! And this time,  YOU’LL be the patient!

And thank you to ALL of the moms out there for the awesome work you do each and every day. We love you!